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JWhite_bookDo you wonder if God has a destiny for you?

Joseph’s life is a winding tale, from the choices laid before him to the struggles he endured to the protection God bestowed on him. Out of the ashes of disaster, God enabled him to rescue Egypt and to save a deeply flawed family that grew into the great nation of Israel. But there were choices that Joseph made. And there are choices you and I make that determine our destiny.

Walk the Joseph Road to learn how to make those fateful choices.

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In life, there are no shortcuts. When difficult times come, we need to keep engaged and pressing on, even if we don’t feel like it. Know that God placed you where He wants you. Our neighborhood, our schools, and our workplaces reflect God’s special calling for us. When we realize that, we develop a totally new perspective on life that frees us. We stop fighting our circumstances. Instead, we begin to look for God’s purpose in those circumstances.

Realize too that times of testing go hand in hand with God’s purposes. But this can be hard to accept. No one wakes up on morning and prays, “God, please send me a serious struggle so I can learn to trust You.” We don’t look for trials and testing;.by nature, we all desire ease and comfort. There is no evidence that during Joseph’s years of slavery that he knew what God was doing and why. Joseph simply had to trust and then act in the midst of his circumstances with faith and integrity.

We know our lives here are temporary, yet most of us give ourselves ti temporal hope. All the success and pop psychology books teach and glorify this kind of hope: Ge more, be happy. Make more money and buy more things. Gain position and power for worldly acclaim. Buy a bigger house, a more prestigious car, and a vacation home to feel better about life. All these are temporal. These things in themselves are fin, but not if they’re the source of our hope.

What is the source of your hope? Under the reign of grace, our hope should be governed by Christ and His purposes: “Since then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hears on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.” Our hope in this life is to give ourselves to what will last for eternity: people, God’s Word, and a life that reflects Christ. When circumstances become difficult, when our health breaks down or our marriage or family breaks apart, then hope in temporal things gives no comfort. Our hope in Christ is then our only true hope.

The Joseph Road lays out a pattern for believers to navigate through life with all its twists and turns. It’s filled with choices we must make to keep on that path of blessing. Make choices that leave no regret. make choices that lead to a life well lived.